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Energy Efficiency 

It's no question that being energy efficient is good all around. For most all of our homes we offer the "next step" in energy efficiency. While all of our homes are very efficient we offer an upgradeable package that includes some of the following options. Ask us about our Energy Efficiency Upgrade today!

Adjusting Temperature

Smart Technology

Smart thermostats combined with smart shades will adjust temperatures, and open or close shades automatically throughout the day to best optimize the use of your furnace or air conditioning unit. Link all this to your smart phone and keep in tune to what's going on while your away as well. 

Thermal Envelope

Air leaks are commonly one of the biggest sources of high energy bills in Minnesota. Having a tight thermal envelope helps keep the temperature of your home at a consistent level thus using less energy. There is building to code, and building above and beyond the code. We prefer the ladder. 

Water Sprinkler
Water Sprinkler

Water Usage

Tankless water heaters, to a well calibrated irrigation system and drought tolerant landscapes, these will help use less energy, reducing your total cost of ownership while helping reduce the waste of our most valuable recourse. 

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